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We acquire, manage, and sell 1st lien mortgages that are purchased directly from the largest banking institutions in the nation.

At Revolve, we provide a modern
way for you to invest in real estate.

We acquire, manage, and sell bank notes that have been purchased directly from the largest banks in the nation. We provide you with the highest quality assets available, consistently. Get into an asset class that has a solid runway of product for years to come.

Icaria Fund LLC (Mortgage Fund)

Traditionally, the “everyday investor” could not purchase one-off bank notes – but now you have a chance to capitalize on the same investment opportunities as banks and major financial institutions.

Re-Performing Loan (RPL)

Our Re-performing assets are homeowner occupied, having a 6-month or longer positive payment history. When you purchase an RPL from Revolve Capital you become the bank, it’s that simple. All of our properties are 1st-lien, never second-position.

Non-Performing Loan (NPL)

A home loan in which the borrower is default and hasn’t made scheduled payments for some time. NPL’s offer the most discount as they require a more hands-on approach, whether it be you the “hands-on” investor or utilizing our nationwide network of vendors.

Real Estate Owned (REO)

An REO property, also known as bank-owned, is when a lender repossesses a property because the mortgage is in default. REO assets are in high demand in today’s real estate market. When you purchase an REO, you own the home free and clear. There is no mortgage debt attached to the property. Fix n’ flip, buy and hold, or convert to a rental at your discretion.

Delinquent Homeowners

If you are a homeowner in default, please click here to visit the FCI Lender Services website.


Convert the note to performing or REO.


Sell the property at current market value.


Passively invest in our mortgage fund (Icaria).


Icaria Fund LLC

Revolve Capital and its team specializes in the direct acquisition, management, and sale of 1st lien distressed non-performing and re-performing mortgages secured by residential real estate. Icaria’s team is at the center-point of an ecosystem comprised of regional private investors, large real estate funds, loan servicers, borrowers, Tier 1 banks and the GSE’s.

What type of offering is Icaria?

iCaria Fund is a Regulation D 506(c)

What is the min/max investment amount?

The minimum investment amount for iCaria is $100,000.00

Who is the Transfer Agent?

KoreConx is the transfer agent for Icaria.


Speaking Events

Press Releases

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Executive Team

Revolve creates sustainable relationships with Tier 1 Banks, delinquent homeowners, servicers, national service providers, and main street investors to programmatically purchase and manage deliquent mortgages secured by residential real estate.

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Chaz Guinn

CEO, Founder

Bob Repass

Chief Operating Officer

Revolve Capital

909 Lake Carolyn Pkwy, Ste 850
Irving, TX 75039


T: (855) 273-8658