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Setting the Standard

Revolve Capital, is committed to building strong relationships with Banks, Investment Banks, GSE’s, Institutional Sellers, Servicers, and funds to programmatically acquire delinquent mortgages on single-family homes. We remain a market maker in effectively managing this asset class. We assist the homeowner in getting back on track or quickly finding alternative solutions to homeownership in the near future (i.e. re-renting the home back, cash-for-keys, short-sale, etc.).

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Founder / CEO

Chaz Guinn

Chaz Guinn is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Revolve Capital. Since 2008, Chaz has built and developed multiple real estate investment firms that specialize in purchasing, managing, and selling 1st lien Non-Performing and Re-Performing mortgage debt, backed by single-family homes. Having acquired over $1.5B directly from Tier 1 banks, Investment Banks, Large Real Estate Funds, GSE’s, and Servicers, Chaz is a market-maker in bringing Institutional and Wall Street investments to main street investors.

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Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Chief Operating Officer

Bob Repass

Bob is a 25-year veteran and expert in the distressed mortgage industry. Over the course of his career, he has overseen the purchase, management, and sale of over 40,000 performing and non-performing mortgage loans totaling over $2B in volume, giving him an unparalleled track record in the industry. Mr. Repass most recently served as the President of Pathfinder Equity Holdings, LLC, a mortgage consulting, loan trade advisory, and real estate investment firm whose focus is to assist clients in realizing the maximum potential on their investments by improving acquisition returns, as well as loss mitigation and exit strategies. Bob previously served as Managing Director of Colonial Funding Group, where he oversaw the management of the firm. In his role as Managing Director, Mr. Repass’ primary focus included investor relations and regulatory compliance.

Managing Director

Ray Schalk

Ray Schalk serves as a Managing Director and is responsible for modeling, acquisitions, risk analysis and overseeing the portfolio. Ray has over 25 years experience in the performing- and nonperforming asset industry and specializes in analytics, valuation, and risk analysis of fixed income assets for Revolve, including residential, commercial and consumer loans.
He has experience in loan originations & underwriting, exit pricing strategies, conforming & specialized servicing, and capital markets operations.
Ray holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Accounting from San Diego State University.

Transaction Coordinator

Angie Repass

Angie’s primary role is to manage and coordinate the administrative aspects of each of our transactions. The goal is to ensure a smooth and efficient process from the time an offer is accepted until the closing of the deal. Some of her key responsibilities are to collect, review, and organize all necessary documents related to the transaction, including contracts, addendums, disclosures, and other paperwork. Collaborate with various service providers, including title companies, loan servicers, collateral custodians, property preservation companies, and appraisers to ensure their services align with the transaction timeline.

Angie holds an undergraduate degree from East Carolina University.

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